How to Balance Resource Utilization and Resource Working Calendars in Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project is a project management software that is widely used for scheduling and resource management. It offers a variety of tools and features that can help users to manage resources and their working calendars effectively. One of the key challenges in project management is balancing resource utilization and resource working calendars. This article will provide an overview of the topic and explain how you can use Microsoft Project to achieve this balance.

Resource utilization refers to the amount of time a resource is being used in a project. The resource could be human or material, and its utilization is important because it affects the overall project schedule and budget. Resource working calendars, on the other hand, are used to define the working hours and days of a resource. These calendars are essential for managing the availability of resources and ensuring that they are utilized efficiently. Balancing resource utilization and resource working calendars is crucial for successful project management as it helps to optimize the use of resources and minimize project delays and cost overruns.

Using the Resource Sheet in Microsoft Project

The Resource Sheet is a powerful tool in Microsoft Project that allows you to create and manage resources for your project. To access the Resource Sheet, go to the View tab and click on Resource Sheet. Here, you can add new resources, assign them to tasks, and modify their working calendars. The following table provides an overview of the different fields available in the Resource Sheet:

Field Name Description
Name The name of the resource
Initials The initials of the resource
Max Units The maximum percentage of time the resource can work
Group The group to which the resource belongs
Resource Calendar The working calendar for the resource

Defining Resource Working Calendars

Defining resource working calendars is an essential step in balancing resource utilization and working calendars. Microsoft Project allows you to create custom calendars that can be assigned to individual resources or groups of resources. To create a new calendar, go to the Project tab, click on Change Working Time, and then click on Create New Calendar. Here, you can define the working hours and days for the resource or group of resources. You can also specify exceptions to the working calendar such as holidays or vacations.

Once you have created the calendar, you can assign it to a resource by going to the Resource Sheet, selecting the resource, and then clicking on the Information button. In the Resource Information dialog box, select the calendar you just created from the Resource Calendar drop-down list.

Balancing Resource Utilization

Balancing resource utilization involves ensuring that each resource is being used efficiently while avoiding overallocation. Overallocation occurs when a resource is assigned more work than it can handle within its available working time. This can lead to delays and increased project costs. Microsoft Project provides several tools to help you balance resource utilization, including:

Resource Usage View

The Resource Usage view displays a graphical representation of the amount of work assigned to each resource over time. It helps you to identify periods of overallocation and adjust the resource assignments accordingly. To access the Resource Usage view, go to the View tab and click on Resource Usage.

Resource Leveling

Resource leveling is a feature in Microsoft Project that automatically adjusts resource assignments to avoid overallocation. It works by delaying tasks or splitting them into smaller parts to fit within the available working time of the resource. To use resource leveling, go to the Resource tab and click on Level All or Level Selected.

Tip: Resource leveling can have unintended consequences if not used correctly. Always review the changes before applying them to ensure that they do not negatively impact the project schedule.

Resource Pool

A resource pool is a shared group of resources that can be used across multiple projects. It helps to optimize resource utilization by allowing resources to be shared and reassigned between projects as needed. Microsoft Project allows you to create and manage resource pools using the Resource Pool view.


Balancing resource utilization and resource working calendars is essential for effective project management. Microsoft Project provides a variety of tools and features that can help you achieve this balance. By using the Resource Sheet, defining custom calendars, and leveraging resource utilization tools such as the Resource Usage view, resource leveling, and resource pools, you can ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Notice: Other project management tools like Clarizen, GanttPRO,, Smartsheet, Wrike, and ClickUp also offer similar functionalities that can help you balance resource utilization and resource working calendars. Consider exploring these tools if you are looking for alternatives to Microsoft Project.